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Le sigh.

So Kevin's gone home, which is not so wonderful.

Other things that are not so wonderful:

Almost immediately after he left I came down with the most ridiculous puke-y virus I've ever met.
Shortly after that I got the plague I'm currently suffering from (which is the most hopped up cold I've had in years).

Mostly, I am miserable, tired and entirely overwrought with hilarious illness.

On the bright side, I have never ending makeup tutorials and Happily Ever After to keep me until I get better. I just wish the pile of used kleenex wasn't quite so high.

Days off are spent on cleaning, yes.
So I've basically been working forever, which is great for my paycheque but not so great for my social life or my online obligations. That all being said: I will have a Kevin in a week. Your arguments are invalid.

That's about all I have to say, besides the fact that my cat is currently heave-hoing her lunch outside my door in a fit of pique.

Adventures in Immigration
Kevin and I are filing for realsies tomorrow. I really hope everything is properly in order this time, because I cannot even with things being rejected.

In other news, I am getting tubby. I must do something about this.

Seven, eight, nine, ten...my cat is licking her butt again.
At somepoint I had to get used to the fact that I wasn't surprising. Or new. Or that I could really be genuinely phased for long periods of time about a great many things.

I probably should have let my screams fly free a couple times in the last week alone, but it isn't exactly logical to do so. My sister tends to do that to me.

I started work, today. Which is entirely excellent. I work from home, now, as an independant contractor for a company based in California. It's basically perfect work for me because I don't have to leave the house or get dressed if I don't want to, and I can think and do other things while I'm working away rating search queries for google. On days where I'm too depressed to take a shower I can still go to work, because all it involves is sitting at my computer desk and clicking buttons. No communication, no working with overpresant, annoying bitches. None of that. It's freeing. And lovely.

I do so hate bitches.

Sometimes it also occurs to me that I'm rather issueless. Money, pain, bipolar and dissassociation notwithstanding, of course. I don't count those, anymore. Maybe I broke my 'care about self' switch or something a couple years back. Maybe someone broke i for me, I don't know.


I don't know how many of you are still into the HP fandom at all, but if you are:

A couple Authors I read fairly religiously are Lomonaaeren and sordid_humors here on Livejournal. I suggest you give them both a go, as their Harry/Draco stories are mostly to die for.


How To Derail Every Plot Device Known To Modern Fantasy:
How to derail every plot device in a series of loopholes and other rules:

#1: Talking about Fight Club
#2: Make your Horcruxes Mars landing Probes or things otherwise inherantly muggle. Like old boots or heavy items you can drop into trenches or shoot into the sun.
#3: Get some eagles to fly that shit to Mordor
#4: He probably just wants to eat you.
#5: If it looks dangerous, running always works well.
#6: There's probably a potion for that.
#7: Ancient texts and artefacts probably also want to eat you.
#8: Big teeth also mean it probably wants to eat you.
#9: Everything likely wants to eat you.
#10: Shifty parents and strange behaving siblings probably mean you're a changeling. Or at least you smell funny.
#11: All video games have cheat codes. Use them.
#12: The meaner and more caustic the boy, the more likely they want to get into your pants.
#13: There is no loophole # 13.
#14: Seducing Dragon age characters (for fun, profit, and bad sex scenes).
#15: If it walks like a demon, talks like a demon and smells like a demon, it's probably a demon.

Posey posey, mmba.
I've decided it might be time to start writing regularly again, not just in the good old Livejournal (which I have had since 2004) but in general. I'm currently working on the character and story conceptualizations for a book I'd like to write. I just can't bring myself to actually write the thing, which is (as always) a battle unto itself.

The main character is supposedly a girl named Pepper. Named so because her parents were rather intense hippies who probably loved the beatles just as much as they loved strange hoodoo having to do with weed and other such narcotic monstrosities. The only problem with Pepper is that she's exceedingly practical. It's also very difficult to write any sort of well concieved romance plot between hero and villain in today's rape culture omg all the guys who stalk me are awesome and I want to date them (but not really, but yes I do...)

You get a lot of these weak ass females (a trend that became very popular with the dawning of the Twilight books) parading around, sucking their bottom lips and waiting to be saved by creatures that want to eat them. It oftentimes causes me to wonder how many of these 'she's kinda boring but really pretty but not really but yes really and omg omg she is the only teenager in the world to seduce hundreds of year old hooka demons' ninny folks are running around the literary demension. There are so few strong women who genuinely do not want to have anything to do with the strange circumstances surrounding them. One of the only characters that's come close in popular YA lit(loathe as I am to admit it) is Cassandra Clare's Isabelle who is entirely TOO take charge and over the top to succinctly balance the more emotional and desparate Clary. (Who spends most of the books doing completely nutso things to save her soulmate of sorts, who is essentially a rehashed Fandom!Draco with less of a penchant for leather pants and even MORE self flagellation).

(...Also curly hair).

What I would like to do is write a lady who doesn't take shit but isn't a total bitch. In a world of clichés and the things that make people tick and tock it is very hard to characterize anything outside of the written word's status quo.

And the villain being an inanimate object sort of makes the entire thing that much worse. The 'big bad' so to speak, is a music box. One could say that the carrier of the box could be classified as the face of the evil, but he's sort of the weak one in the entire relationship trifecta. The guardian, if you will, of a rather horrendous evil that sort of corrupts everything and everyone around it. Think Frodo and the one ring except with more music, fewer (read, no) elves, and less cracks of doom. Maybe even closer to gollum, because this guardian owns a Mac and as an Alienware/Fully retoolable PC toting gameophile, you can imagine how I feel about Macs.

The main character is actually rather young (perhaps early to mid twenties), but very practical and exceedingly intelligent when it comes to that which has rules. She will be hard to write, I think, because of this practicality. It will be hard for me to translate my rather extreme emotional sensitivity into her less than stellar comprehension of the human beings that live around her. So I suspect I am in for a challenge when it comes to expressing her own form of sub-genius human to human interaction. I'll likely use the way my father in law interacts with others as a sort of study for this. It may or may not work, but unlike the vast majority of my internet cohorts, I have no great background in intense psychology outside of the rather long sessions I sat through in my adolescence.

Mmm, I've been writing for a while now and require a strong americano, so I'll be going to go have one of those along with a cigarette in preparation for dealing with Pepper this evening.

It occurs to me that in mine and Kevin's relationship to fanfic dynamic, he is the Harry to my Draco.

This makes me laugh.

Cutting off the hair.
For those of you who don't see me on a regular basis, a few short weeks ago I had extremely long hair.


This is a good example of said long hair.

And then I cut it off to my chin. >_> Because I hated my life.

Well, today, I cut it off much farther than that. Think current Emma Watson.


C'est ca. :D

Recent body of works.
So you've all known me for a while at this point and you all know I get tattoos like it's going out of style. We also know I tend to get them in very painful places.

Meet my human tree, done by Shawn (yes, the ex and good friend):


It curls down into my armpit - which was very painful. And she's not done, yet. This is because She was done manually. Five hours of poking thus far, probably another five for the detail.

This post was inspired by lyotto.

Also: I am currently unemployed and bored. Ah well.

My desks.
So, my guild and I are showing each other our desks, and I thought I would show you guys my desks as well. :D


This is my old desk. It houses my Cassie Claire trilogy, yes. But it also houses HP, Chronicles, some Tolkien and a bit of other awesome readage. Note my clock and my file keeping system. Also my belt.


This is my current desk.

The red book is my big book of raiding, which is used to keep notes on my guild members, as well as loot allocation and strategies. Coffee, as well. The larger monitor is my fun monitor, and WoW is currently up. The second monitor is my workstation, and currently has this tier's availability calender.

What do your desks look like?


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